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Midvaal Local Municipality is a well governed, effectively managed, financially viable and sustainable organisation that is dedicated to creating an environment conducive for growth.

Our Vision

We strive daily to enrich the lives of our people by:

  • Adopting a mid-set of innovation to revolutionise the way we operate
  • Leverage partnerships to realise our full potential
  • Driving sustainability within the local ecosystem
  • Growing the economy in Midvaal, premised on incubating entrepreneurship, socio-economic growth and environmental responsibility
  • Providing excellent and standardised service delivery for all
  • Prioritising the upliftment of our youth
  • Being an ethical and proactive local municipality
  • Elevating Midvaal to be the best and most attractive Municipality in the country

About Us

Midvaal Local Municipality is the fastest growing and developing municipality in the southern parts of the Gauteng Province and strives to achieve:

  • Sustainable delivery of quality and affordable services, including free basic services for the poor;
  • An integrated and diverse economy that provides opportunities for all;
  • Integrated spatial planning that promotes economic and social inclusion;
  • A well-planned and controlled environment through a range of development policies and instruments.

The Municipality implements its mandated powers, duties and functions by way of a system of Integrated Development Planning which is based on the following strategic focus areas:

  • Economic growth and development;
  • Quality and sustainable urban infrastructure and affordable services;
  • Energy efficient and environmentally conscious operations
  • Effective, efficient and planned public transport network;
  • Integrated and sustainable human settlements;
  • Health, social and community development;
  • Safety and security for all;
  • An efficient, effective, transparent and accountable local municipality

Our Achievements

  • Midvaal Local Municipality has been recognised as one of the entities that has been able to create jobs, attract investments, combat crime and promote social upliftment.
  • This was certified by Gold Arrow Award, received at the recent PMR Africa Awards.
  • Outstanding 1st overall for municipalities doing most:
  • For social upliftment, to attract foreign investment, to attract local investment,
  • Municipalities doing the most to fight crime, to develop and enhance infrastructure.